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Support Others 

 How Can We Support Each Other's Big Name Speakers

  •  speakers should not conflict with NYMACC events.

    • NYMACC will support individual clubs via the calendar of club events, other ways will be discussed.

    • NYMACC is more of a supportive organization

  • •  what we can ask of these speakers:

    • to set up a tour of local clubs within a short time period

    • offer to pick them up from public transportation if they don't drive

    • invite them around the time a large conference, such as PhotoPlus, so they are already in the area

  • •  what we can do within our clubs:

    • fee schedule:

      • depends on club's finances

      • look for sponsored speaker from, i.e. Canon, DSO, etc.

      • when speaker is too expensive for club, arrange for the speaker to do a workshop around the

      • presentation time at a cost he/she determines to make up the difference.

    • finding speakers:

      • have a program chair who is comfortable approaching speakers

      • create a program committee

      • reach out to clubs in your club's local area, think beyond the state's borders, to collaborate. For example: Rockland, Duchess Counties are close to New Jersey

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