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Exhibit Venues

  • Purposes of club exhibits were varied:

    • raise money for the club as well as for the individual photographer(s)

    • advertising for the club: reception and exhibit attendees become inspired by the work and wish to join

    • encourages membership to become involved in exhibiting so they can then feel more comfortable having solo or small group shows

    • involving membership in the entire process by creating an exhibit committee. This committee can either be standing or ad hoc. Committee member responsibilities include: finding venues, reception, hanging, working out exhibit details with the venue (terms of exhibiting, theme, setting selling price range), getting members to participate, etc.

    • comparing club work with other clubs, etc.

  • Venues and and their various strengths:

    • parks such as

      • Snug Harbor in SI has an ArtLab

      • festival days such as Art By the Ferry in SI which has rooms in a building by the Ferry which are rented for the festival. Lower prices but more volume.

      • local group outdoor shows

    • college libraries- constant traffic

    • fence shows: informal—rent a space in a park, bring your own tables and may have space to hang work on a fence surrounding the area. Lower prices, greater volume. art galleries – higher prices possible

    • nursing homes, hospitals – prices can vary,constant traffic especially in waiting rooms

    • libraries – some have galleries, others the photos are around the stacks: various prices, constant traffic

    • restaurants – prices vary depending on type and level of venue, constant traffic

    • private businesses: various prices, internal traffic that sees it daily so the employees can be inspired to purchase, visitors to the businesses can also purchase

    • have photos on display during a full day workshop

  • Costs involved:

    • vary depending on the venue:

      • rental space

      • commission to venue

      • reception

      • hanging fee if a professional hanger is hired

      • jurying fee if a professional juror is hired

    • how the fees are paid

      • share the costs amongst the exhibitors

      • set selling price to reflect commission

  • Price range for selling:

    • some clubs have a minimum price for all images

    • some clubs indicate images can be sold at different sizes or without mats. Seller must contact the maker.

  • Finding venues:

    • have an “in” at a venue

    • a committee or exhibit chair finds them. Where there's a committee, they are responsible for finding venues while other committees cover other areas, see above.

    • Approving venues: varies from the exhibit chair to full membership

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