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Benefits of Joining a Local Camera Club

  • We want to attract, keep and have members' show up to more meetings.

  • Champion the idea of photography as an art form.

    • Look at other people's work.

    • Push the idea of creating better cell phone pictures.

    • Support the cell phone shooter.

  • Promote the advantages of joining a camera club for the freelance photographer.

    • Learn more about the technical aspects of photography

    • Able to speak to professionals who speak at the club.

    • Expose people to various aspects of photography to expand their horizons.

  • Field trips as a motivator to join the club. This is different from a "Meet Up" in that you go with a group of people you know or want to know.

  • Have a group of short seminars on various topics in photography at a meeting to motivate new and existing members.

  • Organized exhibits at various local venues.

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